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Michael Reinhard Heß: Karabakh from the 13th century to 1920

Unfolding Azerbaijan´s history

ISBN 978-3-947057-03-0

4rd ed., December 2023 (identical with the 3th, rev. ed.).

135 pages, hard cover, 15 x 22 cm, 357 g.

Published in December 2023.

Language: English.

The aim of this publication is to introduce the general public to the history of Karabakh from the 13th to the early 20th centuries, which is inseparable from the history of the modern independent state of Azerbaijan from at least the 13th century onwards.

Xämit Hämraev: The Uyghur Tragedy (in German)

Translated from Modern Uyghur by Sultan Karakaya and Michael Reinhard Heß

Minima Turcologica, I

ISBN 978-3-947057-01-6

Published  2018.

152 pages, soft cover, 13,5 x 20,5 cm, 197 g.

Language: Gernan.


This German translation is the first ever translation of Xämit Hämraev´s drama "The Uyghur Tragedy" into a Western language. Its topics are mass killings fof Muslims perpetrated by the Bolshewiks in Central Asia during the Russian Civil War (1917-1922).

Michael Reinhard Heß, Thomas Weiberg: "Petals from the Garden of Roses" (partly in German, partly in English)

Contributions to Turko-German cultural exchange

ISBN 978-3-947057-00-9

Published 2018.

17,5 x 24 cm, hard cover, 964 g.

Languages: German (mostly), English.


On about 450 pages, eleven independent contributions discuss the history of the Turco-German relationships, the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman and Turkish literature, and the place of Islam in Germany.

Michael Reinhard Heß: Building the Eternal Country

Studies on multi-ethnic Kazakhstan

Minima Turcologica, II

ISBN 978-3-947057-04-7

248 pages, soft cover, 13,4 x 20,5 cm, 340 g.

Published April 2021.

Language: English.


The book reunites three independent, but contexualized scholarly contributions on Kazakhstan.  The contributions, which are in English, center around the topic of Kazakh ethnic self-identification, especially in contact with other ethnic groups.

The contributions are entitled:

1) The state of the Steppe – conflicting accounts of history in the 550th anniversary gala of Kazakh statehood

2) Russians and Kazakhs - a conflict-ridden history seen through Abay´s eyes

3) On Russian and Kazakh influence on Modern Uyghur in Kazakhstan

This is the second volume of the "Minima Turcologica" series.

Michael Reinhard Heß: Shusha’s Legacy

The History and Development of Azerbaijan’s Cultural Capital

ISBN 978-3-947057-06-1

599 pages, hard cover, 22,5 x 16 x 4,3 cm, 1093 g.

Published in March 2022 (reprint June 2022).

Language: German.


This book is the first substantiated account that deals with the history and culture of Azerbaijan´s Cultural Capital Shusha.

Michael Reinhard Heß: “Two worlds can into me, I can not fit into this world”

Azerbaijan´s immortal poet İmadəddin Nəsimi

ISBN 978-3-947057-02-3

Erschienen 2019.

259 Seiten. Hardcover. Abmessungen ca 17x 24,5 x 2 cm.


A concise scholarly introduction to the life and work of Azerbaijan´s great poet Imadeddin Nesimi.

Michael Reinhard Heß, Rizvan Nabiyev: Shusha´s Legacy

The History and Development of Azerbaijan´s Cultural Capital

Michael Reinhard Heß, with the cooperation of Rizvan Nabiyev: Shusha's Legacy. Berlin 2023. Gulandot.

ISBN 978-3-947057-07-8. Approx. 22.5 x 16 x 4.3 cm. 600 p. Hard cover. Ca. 1400g.


The monumental work on Shusha´s history and culture in English translation. It offers a comprehensive introduction to the history and cultural importance of Azerbaijan´s cultural capital Shusha.